Division of Human Resources Calendar

     Teaching Units. (Higher Education)
          Humanities and Social Sciences Groups
               Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
               Faculty of Education
               Mahasarakham Business School
               Faculty of Arts
               Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
               College of Politics and Governance
               College of Music
               Faculty of Cultural Science
               Faculty of Law
          Sciences Groups
               Faculty of Science
               Faculty of Technology
               Faculty of Engineering
               Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts
               Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies
               Faculty of Informatics
               Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute
          Health Sciences Groups
               Faculty of Nursing
               Faculty of Pharmacy
               Faculty of Public Health
               Faculty of Medicine
               Faculty of Veterinasy Sciences
     Teaching Units. (High School)
               Mahasarakham University Demonstration School (Elementary)
               Mahasarakham University Demonstration School (Secondary)
     Teaching Support Unit
          Teaching Support Unit
               Office of the President
               Division of General Affairs
               - งานสารบรรณ
               - Conference Service Section
               - งานประสานงาน มมส
               Division of Planning
               Division of Human Resources
               Student Affairs
               Division of Finance and Faciliyics
               Division of Academic Affairs
               Division of The Registrar
               Division of Research Facilitation and Dissemination
               Division of Buildings and Grounds
               Division of Public Relations and Foreign Affairs
               - International Relation Office
               Internal Audit Office
               Center for Education Quality Assurance and Development
               Graduate School
               Computer Center
               Academic Resource Center
               Office of General Education
     Research / Services / Arts and Culture.
               The Research Institute of North-eastern Art and Culture (RINAC)
               Palaeontological Research and Education Centre
               Uniquest MSU
     Campus / Center / Department / Association.
               Faculty Senate
               SWU. Thrift and Credit Cooperative Limited
               MSU. Saving Cooperative Limited