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        Originally conceived by officials from the Royal University College of Education. Which was established on March 27, 1968 onwards have been upgraded as a Srinakharinwirot University. Mahasarakham Campus. While the Division of Human Resources under the Administrative Division. Mahasarakham Campus, Office of the President, Srinakharinwirot University. Later, on December 9, 1994, the University has branched out into independent universities by the Mahasarakham University. Division of Human Resources under division of General Affairs, Office of the President. Service and administrative functions HR to follow the laws and regulations of the government. Since the nomination, the recruitment and appointment, assignment, promotion, salary, transfer, move, change position, education, development and training, scholarships, work, travel. Foreign, discipline, welfare, the resignation of the government, personnel information system, storage history, the royal insignia and retired.


        1. Management and Human Resource Development section. Carry on Resource Management Including recruiting on campus, packed, appointment and resignation, the higher level position, Evaluation of performance, discipline, placement, salaries, wages, remuneration, finance and accounting, development and training, study and analysis for system administration development at the university.
        2. Registration and information personnel section. Carry on to keep history files and resolve details in the records, the Audit Committee, the qualification, additional qualification, the royal insignia, welfare, store history, full staff, certified individuals, changing the position and position level, budget, employment and contracting, study and analysis for development information systems personnel of to provide effective management and services.
        3. Legal affairs section. Carry on the study analyzes the action on legal affairs and discipline. To develop standard legal work Litigation, and promote moral development. Ethics of personnel, appeals and grievances, the regulations and provide legal advice.
        4. General Administration. Carry on the correspondence, Admin, Finance, Procurement and supplies, Secretary. Division of Human Resources to comply with regulations, rules and conventions of the government.


        Officers Division Office of the President It is responsible for providing services and managing human resources in order to comply with the law, rules, regulations, and various government regulations from the recruitment process. Packing and Appointment positioning Salary promotion, transfer, relocation, change of position, education, development and training, scholarship, job visit, travel to work abroad. Disciplinary treatment, welfare, resignation from government service personnel information database system history storage requesting a royal decoration as well as retirement


        Develop and develop resources on virtue and quality.


        It is an organization with excellence in human resource management according to good governance principles.


        It is the center of human resource management. To support the mission of the university to be efficient and effective


        E = Excellence
        S = System
        A = Achievement
        N = Nation


        1. Develop a manpower management system and recruiting human resources for qualified personnel.
        2. Develop potential according to competence and promote progress along the line
        3. Develop organizational culture and quality of work life of personnel
        4. Implement information technology systems for effective management.



Develop and develop resources on virtue and quality.

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